Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping those that do.


We are Spirit-filled gospel-centric disciple makers who equip Christians to represent Jesus in love, power and truth so that the church and the lost will be awakened.

We believe this is an unparalleled time in human history to be a part of the greatest harvest of souls that the world as ever seen. Jesus said, “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest (John 4:35 NKJV)!” Our vision is Christ, His gospel and the harvest. We are not THE movement, but we believe we are a part of it. The reason we are movement is because we are about lifestyle action. All of our vision can only be accomplished by the grace of God. Our vision is…


In all we do we impact believers to re-present Jesus as a lifestyle. Beyond events, books, videos and conferences the greatest impact we can have on human history is through the lives of individuals that are transformed by the power of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Local Churches

We support local churches by training their people in evangelism. We come alongside of pastors and 5-fold ministry leaders to help them in the ministry of evangelism. We believe that local churches are strengthened in their gospel outreach as their people are able to participate in our conferences and training events.

Conferences and Events

We continue to build our annual Represent Conference and training events around encounters with the Holy Spirit, times of repentance, response, impartation and actual practice of evangelism and the gifs of the Holy Spirit. We see even stadiums being full for evangelism and equipping. Our annual conference is currently held in the Seattle area and we are preparing to take Represent to any cities that God opens the doors for as well as other nations. These events also lead to souls being saved in both our services and in our outreaches to the streets and communities. The Represent Team and Represent Band also desires to do nights of worship to encounter God and light a passion in people’s hearts for the mission of Jesus in their generation.

On-line Resources

As a movement we are using our online platform and social media to teach, preach, train and inspire believers in the lifestyle of representing Jesus. We are developing a podcast, expanding our website and working with a local team to create testimony videos of people sharing the gospel, healing the sick and teaching on topics that are related to the heart of Represent.


We are working on books and resources to help churches disciple new believers and continue training in the gospel. Our materials are gospel-centered, Spirit-filled and empower believers to live a life of holiness and mission.


Represent Band has released their first album. The band is currently working on future recording projects to release the sound of our movement to win souls, make disciples and glorify Jesus. We seek to inspire and help other artists that desire to record music that represents Christ to the culture.

Story of Represent

Represent Movement was launched in a local church to encourage and equip young people in power evangelism. In 2009, Ben Dixon, founder of Ignite Global Ministries, gave a prophetic word to the youth pastors, Russ Babcock and John Hammer, of Sonrise Christian Center at a youth gathering. Ben’s prophetic word was that out of Sonrise Christian Center would come an impact on other youth ministries in the area for evangelism. The message Ben preached that night was called Sent to Represent.

Shortly after we had received this prophetic word, Pastors Dan and Terry Hammer gathered the youth and young adult pastors of Sonrise (Russ and Kim Babcock, Scott and LeAnn Smith, John and Grace Hammer) for a time of prayer and strategy in their home. As we talked and prayed about starting a youth conference we considered the prophetic word from Ben and Pastor Dan mentioned that maybe Todd White would come and help us out. John had connected with Todd at a Power and Love Conference shortly before this time. So Represent Conference was pieced together with our passions, prophetic words and our relationships.

In 2010, we held our first Represent Conference with Todd White and Ben Dixon. About 100 people gathered in our youth room for the weekend. People came from Oregon and around Washington state. God poured out His Spirit in such a mighty way. By the end of the weekend, including Sonrise Sunday services, over 70 people were water baptized. Young people were repenting of sin, being saved, witnessing in the streets, being filled with the Holy Spirit and ministering in the prophetic. There was such powerful impartation released and stories continued to come in of the impact that was felt that weekend.

Represent began to take shape as an annual conference. Then Represent added training events, summer camps and Encounter weekends. John Hammer continued to give leadership to the development of the conferences and events. Represent has vision for expansion through live worship recording, t-shirt design, social media content, video trainings and more.

Represent has included these preachers and speakers over the years: Dr. Dan Hammer, John Hammer, Ben Dixon, Todd White, Cindy Jacobs, Jake Hamilton, Russell Johnson, Chad Dedmon, Andre Benjamin, Brian Barcelona, Herb Marks, Sean Smith, Christa Smith, Adam, Narciso, Trevor Loya, Kevin Johnson, Darren Stott, Ambra Benjamin and Theresa Leake. Our worship leaders have included Jake Hamilton, Kim Babcock, Whitney Smith, Bekah Friessen, Drew Montoya, Matt and Manesseh Ferrell, Micheal Miller, Barry Eggehorn, Ryan Danley and Chloe Danley.

Represent conferences and events have been described by Cindy Jacobs as a “marriage between the holiness and missions movement that will send bands of evangelists across the country.” By God’s grace, we will continue to provide events and resources that are Spirit-filled, gospel-centered and Jesus exalting. We desire to come alongside of pastors and strengthen local churches in the area of power and personal evangelism. We proclaim the gospel and equip evangelists. God has put awakening in our hearts for this hour!

Represent Movement is a ministry birthed in and supported by Sonrise Christian Center in Everett, WA. For more information about Sonrise Christian Center visit isonrise.org.